Mummy & Me – Noosa Chocolate Factory Westfield Garden City

2015-02-03 10.27.34
A lot of CBD workers have mentioned how good Noosa Chocolate Factory is, so I was keen to give it a try when it opened at Westfield Garden City. Unfortunately many times I walked past, they’ve ran out of their famous Brownies and Rocky Road. Oh well I decided to head in anyway for a hot drink and a break. The menu items are of course all coffee or chocolate and they sell a large variety of chocolate treats.

It’s got a really cool industrial feel to it with all the chocolate in wooden boxes. I ordered one of their many hot chocolates and my companion bought some sour cherry chocolate. Even though it was a weekday morning, and a pretty empty shop, there was a bit of a wait for the drink as there was only one barista and one person on the till.

Pram Access: There’s space to fit a pram, in and amongst the aisles. Just be careful if it’s busy with other people shopping for their chocolate.

Changing: It’s quite close to the large, clean and beautiful Parents Room if you take the travelator down a level. EDIT 21/2: you can also go the really nice Parents room outside Target not too far away, as well as the one inside Target.

High Chairs: It’s not really a place suited to feeding unfortunately. High chairs aren’t provided. All the seating is on high stools on shared tables. It’s a little awkward to interact with bub when you’re high up. My pram is rather low so I probably felt it a lot more. You can however, just go down a level on the nearby travelator to the lower level food court or Eight Street and find some of the Westfield high chairs there.

Overall, really yummy! Though it’s not a place that’s really suited to babies as they don’t have high chairs and the wait is often quite long. The drinks are so yummy though so better save this one for baby free time or perhaps get your fix when bub is calm or asleep!

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