Mummy & Me – Sunnybank Plaza

Ah Plaza. We came here today to participate in the Chinese New Year festivities. I love that kind of thing, the energy, the crowds, the Lion Dancing! There were plenty of CNY themed crafts going on as well as Ice Carving Demonstrations! There’s also lots of yummy Asian food, so it’s a regular destination for our family for eating and grocery shopping.

Wanted to bring bub to experience Lion Dances. I love them!

Wanted to bring bub to experience Lion Dances. I love them! This CBA also has REALLY good customer service

Parents Rooms: there are two, one small, one slightly larger. The smaller one by the food court has two change tables, large toilet, and one chair for feeding. It’s really cramped! One pram can fit comfortably, two starts to get rather tight. The larger one has a screened off area with two chairs for feeding (but not private to each other).


smaller parents room, feeding chair on lower right


Cleanliness: it’s probably clean enough but doesn’t feel that way cause it’s old and frequently used.

High Chairs: a few can be located in the Food Court area near the cleaner’s area outside KFC…probably is clean but doesn’t always look it. Otherwise the only restaurant I can think of that has it’s own high chairs is Cafe Madeleine (IKEA) and probably Landmark and Coffee Club.


Pram parking: There’s two dedicated spots under the shade cloth close to the Coles and fruit shop exit. The large parents room is also located at this exit. I tend to go into the multi storey carpark so I can get shade and baby doesn’t go into a hot car. There’s usually spaces on weekdays.

Accessibility: Sadly, popular restaurants such as Mappen and Hakataya are small and tight, making it very difficult to use a pram. If you go in low peak time, you could possibly find a seat outside. Otherwise, take away to eat at the food court. I really like the Vietnamese place there!

Overall, pretty convenient for delicious Asian food and decent enough facilities for bub!


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