Mummy & Me – The Al Fresco at Rochedale

Bub woke up at 430 am in the morning and wouldn’t go back to sleep… egh…By 930, after being awake for 5 hours, I was thinking about getting some coffee.

We headed out to the Rochedale Estates as I heard there was a cafe in their Lifestyle Centre. The place seemed popular for a lot of upcoming birthday parties so I was keen to check it out.

Rochedale Estates is a new residential area with lots of big houses. The Lifestyle Centre is where the office, gymnasium, lap pool, wading pool and cafe are situated. Across from the Lifestyle Centre carpark I spied a large house with four cars parked behind it’s gates. One of them was the infamous Initial-D car…don’t know if it’s indicative of the kind of people living here.


The Al Fresco cafe at Rochedale is a very nice spot, overlooking the pool and entertainment areas. Sure enough, there was a party going on. Unfortunately, unless you’re a resident, the pool areas are off limits unless you’re with a resident.
The cafe has a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu – looks like it can be booked for functions too. It appears to be run by Koreans, though the food is modern Australian. I had an Iced Latte which was just what I expected.

Pram Access: lots of wide open spaces, easily fit prams.

High Chairs: the usual IKEA variety.

Changing: unfortunately the only visitor toilet in the area is only accessible via a short flight of stairs. Not sure if there was a change table in there as I couldn’t get up.

Overall, a really nice spot which has a relaxed hotel/resort feel. Hope to grab a buddy and try the food next time!

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