Mummy & Me – Bun and Espresso

Bun and Espresso is a little cafe in a run down looking line of shops in the Sunnybank residential area.




I really liked the setup they had of selling Asian steamed buns while at the same time serving coffee (Toby Estate). A small selection of bubble teas are also available as well as western style baked goods. A really nice Eastern Western mix that suits Asian Australians.

While I was there, Chinese students came to buy their steamed buns in bulk.   At another table, a lady expressed to the waitress/barista how much she enjoyed her coffee then proceeded to ask which days she worked.  So they really have their Buns and Espresso down pat.

Pram Access: Not a lot of space inside, but outside on the footpath is fine

High Chairs: Didn’t really see any, unfortunately

Changing: I didn’t really see anywhere, but it’s probably one of those old places out back that needs a key. If someone knows they can confirm this for me!

It’s a nice concept for Asian Australians who enjoy both their Chinese steamed buns and their coffee. Hopefully they can be more kid friendly in their facilities soon.



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