Mummy & Me – Cafe S152

Chris and I were walking along Sunnybank looking to eat at 7-8 or Seoul Bistro when we walked past a shop window with a really pretty corner filled with colourful toys and cushions. ‘Hmm, what’s this?’ we peeked in the window and saw that there was a half-set up cafe with some cafe chairs and coffee paraphernalia set up but unfinished. However, the play corner looked finished. ‘Wow the play pen looks like it must be custom made…looks really promising as a new cafe spot! I really hope that it’ll be good.’

A week or so later, I drove past and noticed the doors were open! Made a quick mental note to visit that week.

So I finally found a time that week to visit. I walked in, noticing they a cold press system thingy set up. I was very happy to see that Green Tea Latte and Sweet Potato Latte was on the menu – that meant Koreans (haha). The menu at the time was mainly coffees and drinks, and they had some baked items in the cabinet.2015-07-09-20-32-44_deco

After giving N her fill of Sultanas, I placed her into the play pen that was filled with really cute cushions that I have been eyeing at Kmart for a while along with many other toys. She got busy exploring as I watched her comfortably. The Green Tea Latte was yum, a lot of the Green Tea Lattes I’ve ordered from Korean run joints have a cinnamon-y taste which I really like.

The owner came and introduced himself – Joseph, and his wife Kate. I commented on how nice their play area set up is and he shared that its cause they have a 4yo daughter themselves, pointing to a photo on the wall. They were really nice to also give a sample of their cold drip (not that I know how to appreciate it).

Pram Access: I’m sure a few double-prams would fit in here!

Baby Change: Sorry I didn’t check but the other restaurants we frequent along this strip offer keys to the back where they have some toilets – which wouldn’t be great for changing.

High Chairs: Yes from what I recall..

After checking their new FB page, I’m quite excited to see that now they seem to be serving churros and honey bread so keen to visit again to try! There are SO many cute Korean cafes in Seoul its nice to see that influence in some cafes in Sydney that I really miss (nice interiors, yummy Asian inspired desserts and drink). Perhaps my dream of having these cafes on the Brissy Southside is coming true?! Being kid-friendly is another HUGE bonus 🙂

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