Hi I’m Grace and I’m a pastors wife and full-time mum. In my pre-child life I was a pastoral worker at a Chinese Church and worked in IT. I have degrees in Computer Science and an MA in Christian Studies.

As I’ve been growing up and till now, I’ve always longed/prayed for a much older sister/leader type figure to teach  me the ropes on life, on being a good wife, godly Christian and woman of God. Honestly I didn’t spend that much time with my mum and as a result don’t have great life skills in nurturing and homemaking.

I think there are many other young Christian women out there who might feel similar, if that is you, I hope you’ll find this blog encouraging and useful as I share what I’ve learnt as a minstry leader at a Chinese Church, pastors wife and just about being a Christian woman.

I enjoy my asian culture, by keeping up with asian news, music, ABC culture and also improve the asian languages I have learnt.

Because this is a personal blog, all views and ideas expressed are mine only and don’t represent the views of my church or other groups. The content of this blog may not always contain well thought through articles or arguments. Please take this into consideration if reading.

Thanks and enjoy!





7 thoughts on “About

  1. Grace, I’m so behind — I didn’t know you had this blog going until now!! I LOVE that you’re writing on behalf of other younger Christian women, and I look forward to reading your thoughts and perspectives via this blog:)

    • Hi Joy,
      I thought I might give it a go for those women here in Asian churches in Australia – really just starting out. Thanks for your encouragement and also from what aawolsisters does too 🙂

  2. i stumble across your page from urbanspoon. what a great found. i myself is a hong kong born aussie chinese :p and a mummy of a super energetic 18 months old bub, a christian and a full time worker and wife :p looking forward to see more post from u 🙂

    • Hi Jen! wow we have quite a number of things in common! Hopefully I can update more often now that my little one started a bit of day care. Lovely to hear from you Jen!

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