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squeezing into a little ramen joint!

squeezing into a little ramen joint!

Just finishing our first year with a baby. If you’ve ever had the experience, that first year away from full time work is full of joy but also full of boredom (for me anyway). I’m the kind of person pre-baby who hated staying at home. Though I’m not an active or outdoorsy person, I love to be out, try new places to have a drink, eat, and take relaxing walks.

As part of bub’s routine, I go out every morning (or I go a bit crazy). You know what it’s like, there’s things you need and want to do like have time to yourself, clean the house and so forth, but my baby anyway is clingy and doesn’t allow me to get away for an extended period of time. I am STILL not a baby person, so we do play in the afternoons but how many songs/games/toys can you play with till they get bored and unstimulated? (That’s when it’s TV time haha).

We visit lots of cafes, shopping centres, and parks. It’s hard to find a good places on the Southside that are baby friendly and low cost. Many of the places we used to love and visit as a married couple have now become rather difficult with a baby. Hopefully these reviews will help other kill I mean, enjoy time with bub while out and about!

家姐 Grace Brisbane restaurants

家姐 Grace Brisbane restaurants


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